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What is Kisan Raja?

Kisan Raja is a GSM based controller, which allows the farmer to control the agricultural motor using his mobile or landline from the comforts of his home. It is specifically designed to change the way the farmer interacts with motors.

  • Our Vision

    “To make agriculture a farmer- friendly occupation with an ultimate objective of bringing food security”

  • Our Mission

    “Shape the future of farming in emerging economies using sustainable technologies and make agriculture a safe and profitable occupation”

  • Call or SMS

    To switch on/off the motor from any place.

  • Real time activity

    Real time status update via SMS, Monitor the live activities like water flow, dry run and power status

  • Save money and time

    Total 3 motors can be controlled by single device and it helps the farmer to reduce their expenses on buying additional motor controllers.

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Why KisanRaja?

Generally, a substantial amount of time and energy is spent by a person or a farmer to visit his farm for operating motors. The farmer has to travel to fields often during odd hours and in an unfavorable weather just to switch ON/OFF the motor due to unexpected erratic power supply.

  • Physical effort and inconvenience

    Farmers have to travel to fields often at odd hours just to switch ON/OFF the motor due to erratic power supply.

  • Frequent damage of irrigation equipment

    Motors and starters often get damaged due to voltage fluctuations, faults in three phase connectivity, and running of motor while water is not getting pumped.

  • Wastage of water and electricity

    At times, motor pumps are left running for longer than what is necessary because of the effort involved in switching OFF the motor. This leads to wastage of both electricity and water